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Published on September 3, 2017 by kelpi

Handstyles 7 To Smoke @ Marksman Vol .1

Battle Guests:
– MT Pop
– Psyk
– Shy Tut

Event description:
Handstyles in general consists of very broad styles and concepts.

Thus, we have decided to narrow it down and limit to only the selected concepts/styles with the hands, namely:
– King Tut
– Finger Tuts
– Digits
– Bonebreaking
– Miming Hand Concepts
– Threads
– Waves
– Spider
– 52 Handstyles (Pops, Waves, Tuts, etc)
These are commonly used concepts/styles in Popping.
However, it is NOT a requirement to Pop while performing to the above styles/concepts.
Example, you can be doing Tuts with a Hip Hop Flavour.
What the judges will be looking out for is how well one will be dancing using the above singular or combination of styles/concepts.
All in all, this is a fun category to push these hand concepts in Singapore.”

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