Electrosoul 7 Top 4 Rashaad (Assassins/UA) vs Genocide

Published on August 11, 2016 by blackheart199

Electrosoul 7 is an annual competition hosted in the Washington DC Area, known to many as the DMV. Our team and sponsors this year included Big Chief, American Embassy of Dance, The Beat & Path, and Studio G. We are always on the last Saturday in July so remember that for the future! #Electrosoul #ES7 #ES8 and beyond.

Judges this year:

PopNTod (USA)
Alkolil (Russia)
Princess 1g (Korea)

DJ Toxsick, DJ Check, and special guest DJ Tryezz

Battleguests: Lema Philippine Allstars, Crazy Beans Philippine Allstars, Devious MZK

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