Abnormal v PopNTodd 2014 – Jack of All Trades

Published on September 29, 2016 by ciulla

6 rules were used in the competition. Each rule was written on a ball and placed in a bag. Which means 6 categories(balls) in the bag.

Each dancer before each battle picked one ball from the bag. 2 rules are picked(2 dancers 2 rules). Both dancers always dance on the same rule. The rule of the 1st round(for both dancers) is determined by who will start first and the other dancers rule becomes the 2nd round for both dancers.

Who goes first? It is determined by a good ol’ fashion game of rock, paper, scissors. If you win you decide if you opponent starts or not.

When the battle is done the 2 rules(1 ball per battler) are put back in the bag and the whole process starts again for the next battle.

EX: Dan picks the rule “UNDULATION” and Rick picks “BOTTOM”. Rick is the first to start, which means the 1st round for both dancers is only “BOTTOM” and the second round will be “UNDULATION”


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